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Wild Alaskan Troll caught FAS King and Coho Salmon have been rated “Best Choice” by The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s prestigious Seafood WATCH.
Coho Salmon Fillet


How to thaw your salmon fillet for the best results

Mark teaching class on how to fillet


Want to learn to fillet a whole salmon?

Discovering this salmon was like going back in time many many years. I remember that flavour and texture so impressively good. And now after so long I have found it again thanks to wild Alaska salmon and Triad Fisheries.

- Xef Joseph Alvarez

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Triad Fisheries has became the first Alaska seafood supplier to earn Food and Agriculture Organization-based Responsible Fisheries Management Certification, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
— https://www.seafoodsource.com/news/environment-sustainability/triad-fisheries-earns-fao-based-certification