Lingcod, Latin name Ophiodon elonggatus, like so many fish commonly referred to as some type of cod, is not a cod at all, but is the largest member of a type of fish that resemble greenlings, a very expensive and popular fish in Japan.  At Triad we target Lingcod exclusively in the May fishery and produce the highest quality Lingcod in the market.  We employ a specialized method of trolling with hook and line that is used specifically for Lingcod.  It's called "dinglebaring" referring to the 4 foot steel rod that is used as a weight on the end of the single wire line that allows the lures to be trolled along a rough snaggy bottom where the Lingcod feed without getting hung up.  The Lingcod bite and are brought to the surface alive and humanly stunned, live-bled, and dressed immediately.  Each fish is handled individually to prevent the possibility of bruising and frozen at sea onboard pre-rigor mortise to -40F degrees within minutes of capture.

Our Lingcod results in a fresh tasting firm fish with white tender meat that works great baked, grilled or fried.  Lingcod makes the best fish and chips, because of its natural high oil content.  In Japan Lingcod is known as "Alaskan Ainam".  Ainame is considered high in oil content and a great fish for making a tempura, baking or steaming. 

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