Triad Fisheries: Starting our 40th Season in 2018

2018 marks the 40th year of Triad Fisheries. While most companies look for constant growth in sales, we look for constant quality in fish. Our fleet has has not grown much in forty years. You see it take a certain kind of fisherman to meet the standards that Bruce Gore set when he started freezing his fish aboard his fishing vessel in SE Alaska. The strict handling methods, from carefully bringing the salmon onboard to removing all blood, to keeping all scales intact takes a lot of effort. Today we have just 16 boats in our fleet. Many of these boats have fished for Triad Fisheries since the 1980's.

Bruce Gore sold Triad Fisheries and the trust that goes into a Bruce Gore salmon to Mark & Beth Tupper in 2008. Nothing has changed, we still grade each salmon and then tag it with a traceable number so the end user can be assured that the salmon they are getting meets our strict standards. 


Triad Fisheries RMF through 2017

We are renewing our RFM Certificate through the 2017 Season.   Learn more about the Responsible Fisheries Management certification whose model is based on the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Code and Guidelines because it meets the highest benchmarks for credible certification.  At Triad Fisheries we strive to provide the best quality in our product as well as our standards.