Bottarga, our original recipe

We are pleased to introduce you to our latest product, Wild Alaska Bruce Gore Coho Salmon Bottarga. The earliest mention of bottarga lies with the Phoenicians, when people in the Mediterranean began curing Red Mullet roe, using salt and sun. The curing firms up the roe creating a preserved, rich product that can be shaved or sliced. Beyond the flavor, Bottarga has been historically appreciated for its texture and smooth silky mouth feel.

In more recent history, bottarga has been consumed in Japan under the name Karasumi. Karasumi is one of the three “Chinmi”, of Japan. Alongside Uni and Konowata, Karasumi helps represent the three most important delicacies of Japan. Bottarga will open your eyes and taste buds to a whole new world.  Thought caviar was good?  We think our coho salmon bottarga has more flavor and depth. Eat it sliced, grated into pasta, shave it onto buttered toast, or on scrambled eggs. In a recent interview chef Mario Batali said his last meal would include pasta made of pecorino cheese, flour, eggs, covered with zucchini and bottarga.  

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Symphony of Seafood Winner

Symphony of Seafood Winner