Perfect gifts from nature direct from Alaska fishing families to the consumer

Frozen at sea Salmon

We are the originators of Frozen-at-Sea Salmon founded by Bruce Gore in 1987. Triad Fisheries continues to provide the freshest possible salmon. 

Wild Caught

The fish are caught using a slow hook-and-line method to minimize stress, processed immediately on board, and frozen within 90 minutes. Each fish is individually hand dipped in fresh seawater to create a protective glaze and tagged to ensure every fish is traceable to the source.

Sashimi Grade

Result of our process is a premium sashimi grade wild salmon sought worldwide for its consistent quality, lustorous appearance, frim flesh and impeccably clean taste.

Ready to taste the difference....


King Salmon


Ling Cod

Searching for the perfect Salmon?  

“Bruce Gore salmon is an example of how a fish should be treated. If we could all get a fish as carefully treated as this we would all be well off.” – Julia Child